Situation Ist es mit der heutigen Architektur nicht ähnlich wie mit der Musik, der Poesie und der bildenden Kunst: es mag viele Kriterien geben, um sie zu definieren – schliesslich sind es aber dann doch persönliche Vorlieben, das, was uns daran bewegt, das Aufregende, Faszinierende, noch-nicht-Gesehene, manchmal das Differenzierende – was wir schliesslich mit „guter“… Continue reading Architektur


Papercrete is a construction material that consists of re-pulped paper fibre with Portland cement or clay and/or other soil added. It is perceived as an environmentally friendly material due to the significant recycled content; this is offset by the presence of cement. The material lacks standardisation, and proper use therefore requires care and experience. The… Continue reading Papercrete

Concrete elements in the context

Square design from 1986-87 in Carouge / GE – poetic, sculptural project with quality of stay, with seating steps, water features and geometries Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe – memorial, symbolic, disturbing, like coffins Further layouts Furniture 3D printing with concrete makes the seemingly impossible possible! Products are created in just a few… Continue reading Concrete elements in the context


Building houses is a good idea! It is always needed! – If the budget (money) is tight, one can suggest ’’ tiny houses ’’: – Many people who cannot afford a family home buy an apartment in an apartment building, that is much cheaper! – Others come together and build a settlement with standardized types… Continue reading Housing


Climate protection Over 40% of energy consumption and around a third of climate-damaging CO2 emissions occur in Switzerland in the building sector. The federal government and the cantons want to significantly reduce energy consumption in buildings and reduce CO2 emissions. Therefore, you support energetic renovations of buildings with financial contributions, including the building program Energy… Continue reading Energy


High-Performance Buildings and Sustainable Management High performance is a term that has been used over the last few years to describe what we once considered to be “green” buildings. Despite the changing language used to describe these facilities — from smart to green to sustainable to high performing — it has remained consistent that the… Continue reading Management

Toppings, Formal Garden, Hedge and Formshrubs

1 Toppings 2 Flowerbeds 3 Parterres 4 Water and Sounds 5 Places 6 Gravel-, Stone- and Wood-places 7 Threshold, Degrees of privacy 8 Colour shrubs 9 Form shrubs 10 Butterfly attracting Plants 11 Stele 12 artificial Elements 12 Steep Walls 13 Stonebaskets 14 Fencings 15 Stairs 16 Pavillons 17 Surprises 18 uncustomary Materials 19 Vistas… Continue reading Toppings, Formal Garden, Hedge and Formshrubs


Landscape Topics 1 River 2 Sea and their Crossing 3 Buit pictures 4 Waterworlds 5 Alp-gardens 6 Mountains 7 Labyrinth 8 Big Elements 9 Islamic Garden

Types of Landscape

1 Square 2 Grass, Meadow, Lawn 3 English Park 4 Romantic Garden 5 Tree-lined-walk 6 Grove 7 Brushwood 8 Forest