Landscape Topics 1 River 2 Sea and their Crossing 3 Buit pictures 4 Waterworlds 5 Alp-gardens 6 Mountains 7 Labyrinth 8 Big Elements 9 Islamic Garden

Types of Landscape

1 Square 2 Grass, Meadow, Lawn 3 English Park 4 Romantic Garden 5 Tree-lined-walk 6 Grove 7 Brushwood 8 Forest

Sipi Falls 2018

Patrick’s Lodge -The site has a fantastic view towards Karamoja, across the valley and on view places towards the Sipi Falls-The guest-rooms are planned and built on the right edge, looking toward the valley; the restaurant and pool are planned (not yet built) in the middle of the sloping plateau… …and are smoothly sloping downhill…… Continue reading Sipi Falls 2018

Mbale 2018

Baumschulen Sie finden sich entlang von Hauptstrassen, auf ‘’Gratisterrain’’, von kleinsten Topfpflanzen bis zu 2m hohen Bäumen findet sich alles Im Schatten, unter bestehenden Bäumen werden die Pflanzen gezogen und umgetopft. Nach dem was die Leute sagen, genügt es, kleine Baum-Zweige in die Erde zu stecken und ein neuer Baum wächst… Die Verkäufer warten unter… Continue reading Mbale 2018


Tipos de enverdecimiento Enverdecimiento de las partes abiertas del edificio. Plantar camas a lo largo de la zona del balcón (en todas partes) Enverdecimiento de partes de fachadas abiertas Cajas de plantas locales, rejillas para plantas trepadoras Enverdecimiento de partes cerradas de fachadas Balcón verde, plantaciones en el suelo

Watergardens Balaju

Topic: ‘’Islands’’ Elements of design: form wood, colored bushes Elements of design: ‘’Hanging Gardens’’ Artificial island-hills for pots Pots-garden Roman fountains in modern style Artificial rocks Artificial hills with form wood Smalest artificial hills with cacti Stairs in percpective  shape Individual terrasses Tortuous pathways through islands of gardens Islands for trees – as stting places… Continue reading Watergardens Balaju

KathmanduGardens of Dreams

Square with bassin, overgrown walls, left and right pergola-benches Bench with pergola 4 islands with palmtrees High walk with pergola Hihg walk and underneath of it pavillon to sit, right restaurant Restaurant Restaurant’s terrasses Rockgarden View from restaurant, beautiful trees Further places to sit Secret garden Water vally Further pavillons Fruit trees, green-wall, flowerbed Coverings,… Continue reading KathmanduGardens of Dreams

Kathmandu 2017

Inventions: Walk-on cupboard, supporting and bracing easily done by means of taking a tree-trunkwith bough. Safety: Safe columns in Royal Singi Hotel’s facade, well protected – with hint to Michelangelo’s Laurenziana And Balaju-BSET main building makes blinking to famous Ernst May’s Kenia building -No way: Sidewalk for bushes in NAXAL when inserting railing the existing… Continue reading Kathmandu 2017