High-Performance Buildings and Sustainable Management High performance is a term that has been used over the last few years to describe what we once considered to be “green” buildings. Despite the changing language used to describe these facilities — from smart to green to sustainable to high performing — it has remained consistent that the… Continue reading Management

Safety and Security Electricity

Safety and seurity A) Buildings, grounds -Grounds, fencing, gates -Building accesses (against break-ins) -Earthquakes -High tension line nearby – building should be earth-leakage protected (and eventually lightning strikes) -Statics, building services B) Fire protection -Emergency exits, escape ways, gathering spots -Possibly sprinkler -Fire extinguishers, fire hose cabinets -Fire protection plans C) Job safety -Height of… Continue reading Safety and Security Electricity

Security and Safety

1 What issecurity andwhat safety? security? Security is wellobserved Security isa reality Safety? Safety isa feeling You canexchangethem Exit-wayblocked safety is onlya feeling!So why doingsomething? Bad feelingsif we are inside safety-culture =could be better safety-culture =could be better Office to staircase:1 staircas = 20m Office to staircase:2 staircases =35m Exit-stairs shouldlead directly to outside 4… Continue reading Security and Safety