KathmanduGardens of Dreams

Square with bassin, overgrown walls, left and right pergola-benches Bench with pergola 4 islands with palmtrees High walk with pergola Hihg walk and underneath of it pavillon to sit, right restaurant Restaurant Restaurant’s terrasses Rockgarden View from restaurant, beautiful trees Further places to sit Secret garden Water vally Further pavillons Fruit trees, green-wall, flowerbed Coverings,… Continue reading KathmanduGardens of Dreams

Kathmandu 2017

Inventions: Walk-on cupboard, supporting and bracing easily done by means of taking a tree-trunkwith bough. Safety: Safe columns in Royal Singi Hotel’s facade, well protected – with hint to Michelangelo’s Laurenziana And Balaju-BSET main building makes blinking to famous Ernst May’s Kenia building -No way: Sidewalk for bushes in NAXAL when inserting railing the existing… Continue reading Kathmandu 2017

Safety and Security Electricity

Safety and seurity A) Buildings, grounds -Grounds, fencing, gates -Building accesses (against break-ins) -Earthquakes -High tension line nearby – building should be earth-leakage protected (and eventually lightning strikes) -Statics, building services B) Fire protection -Emergency exits, escape ways, gathering spots -Possibly sprinkler -Fire extinguishers, fire hose cabinets -Fire protection plans C) Job safety -Height of… Continue reading Safety and Security Electricity

Pavlodar 2015

Es gibt verteilt auf die Stadt unzählige Einkaufszentren. Diese sind vorwiegend in kleine, geschlossene, vollgestopfte Shops eingeteilt, welche an einem Korridor aufgereiht sind. Meistens sind es Kleiderläden, Läden für Schuhe, Schmuck, Nippes, etc. Die Kundenfrequenz ist minim. Legende: Einkaufen: orange, Schulen: blau, Uni: rot Oben links rot = EKZ Metro; Mitte das nach rechts offene… Continue reading Pavlodar 2015


Elemente Betrieb Grössen Mall: 4 – 10%Breite Mall: 5 – 8mgrösserer Laden ca. 2’000 – 8’000m2Höhen 4 – 6m i.Licht–Gäupark: 100’000 m2, 56 Läden, 4Restaurants; Mall 4’000m2, h = 4.90m–Westside: 60’000 m2, 45 Läden, 6Restaurants, Mall 9’000m2 (Bad, Kinos,Hotel) – total 140’000m2, h = 4.20/3.50m–Perry: 25’000m2, 42 Läden, 4Restaurants, Mall 2’000m2, h = 6m Anvisiertes… Continue reading Einkaufszentrum

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Trabajo y gestión del cambio

A) Empresa – trabajo y gestión del cambio a) Descripción de las actividades y procesos: debe documentarse (registrarse), qué trabajo se realiza en qué procesos y por qué. b) En la operación diaria y en el marco de proyectos, los procesos deben ser mapeados; o sea los instrumentos de control deben ser creados para este… Continue reading Trabajo y gestión del cambio

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Security and Safety

1 What issecurity andwhat safety? security? Security is wellobserved Security isa reality Safety? Safety isa feeling You canexchangethem Exit-wayblocked safety is onlya feeling!So why doingsomething? Bad feelingsif we are inside safety-culture =could be better safety-culture =could be better Office to staircase:1 staircas = 20m Office to staircase:2 staircases =35m Exit-stairs shouldlead directly to outside 4… Continue reading Security and Safety