Kathmandu 2017

Inventions: Walk-on cupboard,

supporting and bracing easily done by means of taking a tree-trunk
with bough.

Safety: Safe columns in Royal Singi Hotel’s facade, well protected – with hint to Michelangelo’s Laurenziana

And Balaju-BSET main building makes blinking to famous Ernst May’s Kenia building

-No way: Sidewalk for bushes in NAXAL

when inserting railing the existing reinforcing iron rod was
disturbing and had somehow to be bent away

Concrete blocks standing weirdly on the road – why not
take them and build a kitchen

Flying Palladianism – great idea to combine modern glass-box with Greek-revival! And as the ancient
Greeks: as well correction of perspective

You find the same topic with Nepalese-revival

And then a “real Greek temple” incorporated in the building, with glass curtainwall behind the columns

More Greek temple, but business (advertisement) gained here the upper hand onto architecture

Last but not least: fake architecture (windows above paint, as well 1st floor small scale divided side windows)

You will not steal my tree-protecting-device